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Qingdao Xingchen Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972 as a state-owned collective enterprise. In 1985, the company launched research of thread rolling machine and in May 1987 its first thread rolling machine was put into market. Since 1993, the company has obtained the state patent certificates for utility model and industrial design. In 1994, its thread rolling machine was given a gold medal at the 8th National Exhibition of Inventions and recognized as state level new product and placed on the list of technological research achievements of The Spark Plan launched by the State Scientific and Technological Commission (SSTC) in 1995. The company was reorganized as a shareholding company in 1997 and now the company is one of China’s key companies for thread rolling machine manufacture.

Some of our products are: ZP28 thread rolling machines, BP shaping machines and SP spline rolling machines, totaled more than 10 models in 3 categories. The company incorporates advanced technology in thread rolling machines for cast frame structure and stiffness and precision improvement. The shaping machine is designed for mechanical manufacture and repair with a high speed motor for swift shift either vertically or horizontally when it is operated for part processing on flat and angular surfaces or T and dovetail grooves. In 1994, the company designed spline cold rolling machine with the latest research achievement to improve operation efficiency, torsional strength and surface roughness of workpieces.

The company met the requirement of the ISO9001 Certification in 2003 and its trademark, “Xingchen”, was recognized by Shandong Government for market competitiveness. The thread rolling machine was given an award by Shandong Government in 2008 and recognized for compliance with the standards of the international organizations and developed nations. The company has the official permission to conduct import and export businesses and has long attached importance to product quality and internal management and channeled increasing investments in production equipment, testing and measuring instruments to ensure product performance, diversification production and social prestige. We have set up a nationwide sales network and exported products to many countries. At present, our company plays a leading role in China’s thread rolling machine industry and sells products to both Chinese and foreign customers involving automobile, aviation, mold, textile, machinery and standard part industries.

The company is located to the north of Qingdao, covering a total area of 52,000 square meters and having 150 sets of manufacture machines, including 11 key equipments and 20 or more testing instruments for machine tool manufacture. In addition, our company has competent and qualified personnel for product research, production, sale and after-sale service. Our “Xincheng” brand products are well sold both in China and world market.



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